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table de restaurant avec des verres de champagne


Consultant and trainer for restaurants
- Twenty years of passion to share - 

restaurant with its team, chefs and butler

​ This is what a photo taken 20 minutes before the start of a full double service should look like: confidence, smile and serenity! This is the look that we should all do when you find yourself managing a restaurant in which two great English Michelin Star chefs decide to cook together.

It is within everyone's reach, provided you are accompanied, coached and guided by a mentor who brings you inspiration, motivation and solutions.

Through my consulting agency, I seek to share all these years of experience to manage restaurants, and thus open the doors through which you will find the keys to success. 

Thinking about opening a restaurant? Do you want to improve the service in your establishment? Are you looking to perform in the HACCP field? Do you want to create a wine list and train your teams?

Then find out about my services !

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Restaurant Consulting

Management on demand

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